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Brief history of Electroforming

  • 1836 Daniell of Great Britain invented the Daniel Cell Succeeded in producing a scratch of high degree of precision by peeling off the electrode position on the cut. This is known as the invention of Electroforming
  • 1838 Professor Jabos of Russia announced the duplication method of metals by copper electroforming at Petersburg (presently Leningrad) Science Academy
  • 1842 Professor Betger of Germany succeeded in a nickel electroforming by nickel bathed in ammonium sulfate. To the beginning of the 20th century different ideas of electroforming had been experimented with a number of patents were originated
  • 1917-1918 Reflection mirrors were being produced experimentally. From this period to the time of the World War II, more than 6000 anti-aircraft search light were produced in Europe and the United States by the electroforming method
  • During the second World War, electroforming techniques were used for the production of the artificial limbs for the disables people in Europe and in America.
  • After the war, the technique was used for plastic cast dies and spray masks
  • Nowadays, it is utilized in manufacturing of space aviation items such as rocket and wind tunnels
  • In the Ninety Sixties, the method of electroforming was first adopted to produce nameplates
  • Nowadays, there are many types of Electroforming Nameplates available in the market, and the most popular types are Electroformed (EF Type), New Type (NT) and INLET.
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