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Silkscreen Products

Silkscreen printing is a traditional and mature product. In compare with off-set printing.

Silkscreen paints are more solid and vivid in compare, thus enabling it to survive depsite of higher cost.

Due to severe competition in the market, we have changed on direction to products that requires finre lines or special technique, e.g. logos used on eye-glass frames and products supplies in roll form for automation.

Silkscreen in rolls

We started supplying Silkscreen products in roll since 1999.

ss_machine In comparing to traditional silkscreen in singlated forms, supply in roll form have certain benifit :

  • Roll form products can be used in automatic pick & place production.
  • Besides enhancement of productvities, automation can also reduce risks that the adhesive (glue) being contacted by operators which might resulting to reduction of adhesion.
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