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NT Products in brief

NT is the abbreviation of New Type, a new electroforming process allowing us to electroform image on an aluminium substrate - an economical alternative and solution for faster leadtime and lower unit cost.

Since NT products are metal so will provide a truly metallic look than other synthetic materails (such as metal foils, etc.)

NT can be applied to a wide range of industrial products, such as radios, musical instruments, home appliances, front panel of automobile, premium items, dial scale of audio apparatus, clock faces, signs on display windows, eye glasses frame etc.

Reference information, NT Products

  • NT products are based on electroforming processes.
  • Background (substrate) is aluminum, and our standard thickness are 0.2 and 0.3 mm. Other thickness such as 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mm are available.
  • Different surface treatment on the background are available, such as glossy, matte (semi-glass), brushed texture, etc.
  • Background are anodized.
  • Additional anodize printing on the aluminum surface is feasible.
  • Either gold plating or tin-cobalt alloy plating for the electroformed image.
  • Other colouring on the electroformed image is avaiable.
  • NT are supplied with or without double sided adhesive tape.
  • For NT with double sided adhesive tape, we carry adhesive tape stock for Nitto 500 and Nitto 507 only (this limitations is confined to our NT products only).
  • Double sided adhesive tape of other brands and/or part numbers are available on request .
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