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Inlet products in brief

INLET are open letters and patterns of metal produced by Electroforming Technology.

Inlet is a metal product therefore plating and surface texture finishing can also be available.

Because Inlet are independent (isolated) objects without a background (substrate), the combined result of it metallic characteristics above mentioned, shall enable the designer to design and realize a truly metal product with modern sense far superior than the artificial metal finishing products (such as silkscreen, metal foil hot stamping, etc.).

Inlet can be attached on most materials such as glass, chinaware, plastic and metal and can be applied to industrial products, particularly product with tight control on thickness; such as PDA, musical instruments, front panel of automobile, premium items, watch dials, signs on display windows, etc.

In summary :

  • Inlet is produced by Electroform Technique
  • Base material is Pure Nickel of 0.04 ~ 0.07 mm thick
  • After Electroforming, either Gold , Chromium or Tin-Cobalt Alloy plating are performed. Or alternatively, we could colour dyed the surfaces in our standard Black, Red Wine, Blue and Antique Copper Colour
  • Furthermore, surface texture finishing such as fine brush texture and matted texture can also be available

Type of inlets

The surfaces (treatments) of EF Inlet can be classified into 5 major types.

  1. Classic, surface is high gloss.
  2. Satin/Matt surfaces. This type of surfaces can render extra effect on a high gross housing. It is however finger printed or grease; if any left on this type of surfaces; are more difficult to be removed.
  3. Hairline/Brushed surfaces. This type of surfaces can render even better effect on a high gross housing with less worries on finger prints/grease, but will cost a bit more since extra secondary processes are involved.
  4. Custom pattern surfaces. Patterns such as dots, circles, cross hatches, etc. can be produced according to cusotmer's required.
  5. Dia-cut pattern surface. This is similar to custom pattern surfaces but is produced using a patterned tool which has been prepared for us for a better refective and small dead angle.
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