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(Classic) EF products in brief

Electroforming is a process whereby a moulded looking nameplate can be produced using the principle of electrolysis to deposit metal onto a pattern. The form so produced is then detached from the pattern and coloured to realize the finish and colour required.

EF sample1As opposed to conventional nameplate technology, electroforming allows the production and precise duplication of complicated shapes like diamond cut and extremely fine image even like finger print. It is possible for electroforming to form a complex texture by the combination of various surface patterns.

Amongst all the different types of Electroformed nameplates, Classic EF nameplates are the most traditional yet also the most 3D and design features rich type of nameplates. Because of its superb characteristics, customer's design and packaging tactic can easily be realized.

Classic EF design features

List here under are some of the favourable design selections available :

  • Besides the selection of raised or recessive logo design, both designs can also be incorporated on the same nameplate.
  • For the selection of surface polishing/texture, we have many internal standard surface texture available (such as mirror, satin, sand paper, brushed texture and many other texture patterns). Or, we can reproduce the texture or pattern according to you sample texture.
  • Holographic effect is available, on raise or recess areas.
  • For the selection of electroplating, on top of the traditional gold plating, chrome plating and nickel plating methods, we have few other electroplating or electro-deposition baths, e.g. champagne gold, antique silver, antique copper, black nickel deposition, etc..
  • Background can be coloured by painting according to standard colour chips or colour samples.
  • Besides the above, additional silk-screen painting or epoxy plotting are also available.
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