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History of Hong Kong Nameplates Ltd.

  • Hong Kong Nameplates Limited was founded in 1990. Initially, we were involved in the supplies of Electroformed Nameplates (EF, NT and Inlet) from Oudensha (Japan).
  • In 1991, supplies of labels and silkscreen nameplates was introduced.
  • In 1992, in-house product design engineering was established.
  • In 1993, breakthrough in the NT Electroformed Nameplates production tools.
  • In 1994, Value Added Services (VAS) was added in providing clients silkscreen service directly printed on their products.
  • In 1999, break through on supply of silkscreen nameplates in roll form.
  • In 2000, started supply of chemical etched metal products.
  • In 2001, installed new operation in Hong Kong for production of silkscreen nameplates in roll form.
  • In 2005, established a new Electroformed Inlet partner; TEFCO.
  • In 2006, started developing a new generation 30º dia-cut (DC) inlet with TEFCO.
  • In 2007, finalized the DC Inlet specification and obtained the first business from one of our major accounts.
  • In 2007, started providing Value Added Service for some of the TEFCO products.
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